300+ Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather have a boring hen party or a fab, giggle-filled evening really getting to know the girls with a hilarious hen game? Yep, we thought so! At GoHen, we’ve put together a list of ‘Would you rather Why not increase the fun and double it up as a great drinking game it is a hen do after all! Ask the question aloud to the group and those in the minority have to drink! For information on staying safe and healthy while travelling abroad as well as local laws and latest government advice on destinations visit the FCO Travel Aware website.

151 Interesting Would-You-Rather Questions For Couples

You can also try using a bottle instead so that it keeps things interesting. But finding interesting questions is not as easy as one would think. Are you ready to say which you would rather? Questions change from time to time, and we stayed on top of the trends to come up with awesome questions in various categories. Have fun getting to know your friends better with these questions.

This category adds a twist by asking the player to choose between two awesome instances like vacations or a date with their celebrity crush.

Are You Good At Dating? Make Sure You’re Compatible With Your S.O. By Taking This Test.

These would you rather questions on great for every youth group leader that needs a steady supply of icebreaker games at the ready. This idea for a twist on the popular would you rather questions game is sure to be a Christian crowd-pleaser, plus potentially drum up interest in the Bible among your students. A win on both accounts! There are many ways to play the game Would You Rather. If you are unfamiliar with it, there is a good description of the different versions of the game here.

I suggest having students sit in a circle and ask the person on their left one of the Bible-themed questions below. Students can draw slips of paper with the would you rather questions from the middle of the circle. To increase the fun factor, you can also set a time limit for asking and answering the questions. If you put the questions in a far corner of the room, the game is upgraded into a physically taxing game I mean—most students could benefit from releasing some energy at youth group.

Tell your students they MUST choose one of the options. And make sure everyone is included and gets a chance to answer a question! After your group has exhausted the question bank, go through the questions one by one and ask students to either name the book s of the Bible the question comes from or the person to whom they refer. These are just some ideas.

15 “Would You Rather” Questions To Text Your Crush

The great conversation starter lets you learn more about your significant other. From first date questions, deep ones, silly proposals, romantic loves, and sexy subjects -would you rather do anything else? Would you rather plan a holiday month in advance or get a flight last minute? Would you rather star in a romantic comedy or a horror movie? Would you rather date someone who fancied you more or who you fancied more?

Would you rather pay for a meal or have someone pay for you?

spend the day inside or outside?

Are you intending to start an interesting conversation with your friends or loved ones? If yes, then you can perform the same with the help of would you rather questions. These interrogations are way too eminent and efficient in kicking off an amazing conversation. With this, you can try to initiate a discussion with someone who you have wanted to talk to before. These provide a great way of talking with a person you love talking to every time.

With such a golden opportunity right in front of your eyes, why would anyone try to miss it out? Play it as a game and spend some time with the best people while asking them the would you rather questions turn by turn. One of the most amazing ways to hastily completing it can be answering the questions together in a single go. We have plenty of would you rather questions built up just for your fun and taking your story forward.

21 Of The Most Wicked ‘Would You Rather’ Questions Ever Asked

Would you rather:. Posted on Feb 20, Be hated by your partner’s mom. Be hated by your partner’s best friend. Something went wrong. Please try again later.

Conversation starters: A seriously long list of “would you rather questions” Would You. Article from 99 Date Night Conversation Starters for Couples. Running 66 Good Questions for Couples – Quickly spark great conversations. Use these.

The rules are simple: Ask a question that starts with “Would You Rather” and ends with two options. The person answering the question must choose from one of the two options. You should always try to be honest and answer the question with the choice that first pops into your head. But remember, there is no right or wrong answer! Some may add alternative rules, such as allowing a pass on a question, but only with consequences.

For a more erotic and flirty version of “Would You Rather,” make anyone who passes on a turn take off one piece of clothing. You never know what it might lead too. No matter how you decide to play, “Would You Rather” can help you learn a surprising amount of information about someone just by asking a question. It gives you the chance to learn about the other person’s preferences, desires, and even secret fantasies. Whether you ask funny, flirty, personal, or sexual questions, you are sure to come away knowing something you didn’t before!

We’ve all been there. You’re on the first date, and the conversation goes cold. You’ve asked all the generic first date questions, like “what’s your favorite food, color, movie, etc.

18 “Would You Rather” Questions About Dating That Will Probably Ruin Your Life

Are you in a mood to spend some time with your partner by playing with them or knowing more about them? Then try asking would-you-rather questions. Whether you are newly engaged, a married couple, a workaholic couple, or long-distance partners, you will enjoy this activity when you both are together. In this post, MomJunction brings you would you rather questions for couples.

The Only List of Would You Rather Questions You’ll Need to ask the girl you like! These questions are fun and would definitely be great to ask on a date!

Given the choice, would you want to be in a relationship in which one of you eventually becomes the primary income source and the other is the primary caregiver, or would you rather be in a relationship where both of you work? Would you rather be with a thrill-seeker, who likes to travel and skydive and try various dangerous things, or would you rather date someone who is more calm and serene?

Do you want someone who is deeply romantic — someone who is always open about their feelings and likes to be tender and affectionate? Or would you rather be with someone who is more mysterious, subtle, and slow to reveal their emotions, but still feels things all the same? Is it more important for them to be able to make you laugh, or for you to feel like you can have an intellectual conversation with them? Would you rather be with someone who has all the same interests as you — same favorite movies, same hobbies, same taste in music, etc?

Does religion matter? Would you rather end up with someone who practices the same religion that you do, or are you flexible in that area? Would you rather be with someone who wants to move all over the place, live in various cities, and constantly be exploring? Are you more interested in someone who likes to plan out date nights, from the happy hour to the restaurant to the after-dinner venue? Or do you want to be with someone who is more spur-of-the-moment? A wine-and-beer kind of drinker, or someone who prefers cocktails?

10 Impossibly Thought-Provoking ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

Including a drinking game version. This game is also an excellent icebreaker and a fun way to get to know your family and friends better! They then have to choose which choice they prefer. Playfully, you will learn a little more about the other person.

If you are playing the game with your boyfriend/girlfriend, pay attention to the answers as they can help you understand who you are dating, what.

Your date be way more stylish than you? Via Getty Images. Or have way better hair than you? Something went wrong. Please try again later. Would you rather:. Have your date resemble one of your parents? Or have them resemble one of your siblings? Get a terrible migraine on a first date? Or get terrible diarrhea on the first date? Have a wonderful date with someone who is super smart, but find out midway through that you have completely opposing political views?

Or have a date with someone you’re really attracted too, but who doesn’t listen and isn’t a stimulating conversationalist?

Would You Rather Questions For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Ah, Would You Rather? Which, I guess, one could consider fun depending on how you define it. That doesn’t cut it for me though and if, like me, you’ve been in search of a game of Would You Rather that will stimulate some deep thinking, look no further. I have scoured the deep, depths of the Internet and arisen victoriously, discovering a few questions that made me contemplate life and existence. So, without further ado, here are 10 of the hardest to answer Would You Rather?

Funny Would You Rather Questions; Dirty Would You Rather Questions; Hard Would Would you rather clog the toilet on a first date or first day at a new job?

This game, as crazy and silly as it might sound, can be a fun way to get people talking. Tip: always ask a follow up if someone reveals something particularly interesting. This sets you up to learn more about them. By asking something you are genuinely interested in you also set yourself up to win because you are more likely to have a genuine connection and conversation! I hope this article gave you some good ideas for fun would you rather questions to ask to get to know someone.

Now I have a question for you. Do you know what inspires a man to commit to a woman? And now another question. Do you feel like he might be losing interest? Does he seem to be pulling away?

Would She Still Date Him After He Says This….??

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